Paulette Engler


B.A. Anthropology major, Art minor, San Francisco State University
M.A. Legal Studies, Lone Mountain College

Elements Salon, Mill Valley, June 2013
Honorable Mention, 2014 Marin County Fair, “Persimmon Leaves I”
Tamalpais Community Services District offices, April-July 2014
Depot Bookstore and Café, August 2014
Honorable Mention, 2015 Marin County Fair, “End of Season Tomatoes”
Marin County Exhibition Hall, “Life in Full Bloom” 2015
Marin Center Redwood Foyer, “Edibles” 2015

I have always loved to paint and had hopes of becoming an art teacher in the elementary schools. However, while in college, I took a left turn and married my art professor who was a successful painter and printmaker. It’s not easy developing and growing into an artist in that situation so I just redirected my artistic energies elsewhere, to my garden, home and crafts, eventually taking that right turn and returning to school for a graduate degree and then working as a paralegal and office administrator. I always felt that when the next right turn time came, I would return to painting and I have. I have worked in various media but feel that I have finally found my artistic love, watercolor. It’s a media that is relatively new to me but there is so much joy in choosing the subjects to paint and to find them coming to life out of the paper. My subjects are from the natural world.