When we receive your painting at a show, the painting will be examined to be sure it follows the following rules before it is accepted.  Pictures submitted with a soiled mat, lint or eraser fuzz inside, scratched Plexiglass, loose in frame or not framed as specified below will not be accepted.

Framing Rules

  1. Matts – The painting must be framed and matted with beveled inside edges of the matt neatly cut and without ragged edges on the matt.  Neutral matt colors are preferred.
  2. Frames – No clip-on frames.  Frame must fit snugly with no gaps around picture or matt.  No metal apparatus protruding from the back of frame to hold the picture in is allowed.
  3. Hanging Systems – Use mirror-style hangers.  See Figure 1 below. Don’t use sawtooth edges or screw eyes.  They can damage certain wall surfaces and may dig into the surface of any painting stacked behind.  Many public buildings will not allow either of these systems or similar systems.

Preferred Hanger – Mirror Style Hanger

Figure 1 – simple mirror style

Use D Style Flat Hangers

Do Not use Sawtooth or Screw Eyes

  1. Glazing – All paintings must be glazed with Plexiglass or acrylic plastic.
  1. Wire – Attach a sturdy wire to the frame about ¼ of the way down from the top of your picture. Make the wire slightly curved, not too taut and not so loose that it reaches the top of the painting. This will insure your picture hangs close to the wall and the nail and wire will not show above the frame.  Cover ends of wire with tape to avoid cutting hands.
  1. Cardboard Backing – Don’t use cardboard to back your painting. It is not acid-free and may cause your painting to deteriorate.  Use foamcore or mattboard backing.

Please advise your framer of these rules.

Commission Fees  

Some galleries will take a commission on sales.  A commission is due and payable to the venue if the sale results from the show.  The show announcement will always specify when a commission is due on sales.

Other Hints 

  • Do not use window cleaner on Plexiglass. It can cause permanent flaws in the surface.  Use plain water or a specially formulated Plexiglass spray (available in art supply or framing shops).
  • Be sure to also attach your name, telephone number, and title of the work on the back.