‘Flowers in Doug’s Vase’

Gilda Selchau

Gilda Selchau

Jill-da Sell-cow)

Gilda was born (1950) and raised in San Francisco, CA, attended San Francisco State University for undergrad (1973) and graduate school (2000). She married Ed Tischer (1973) and settled in San Anselmo (1975) before moving to Salzburg, Austria (1980) and Boston, MA (1981).  They moved to Palo Alto, CA (1986) where their son was born (1987) before moving back to San Anselmo (2000).  Professionally, Gilda was a pre-school director, coordinator of volunteers and retired as a high school college and career counselor.

Gilda studied and appreciated art in college while earning her teaching credential and continuing her love for sewing as a hobby. After a long hiatus from art, Gilda promptly joined the Monday Sketch Group after meeting the members in Fairfax on one of their outings (year?). There she met watercolorist Ann Carol and joined her Tuesday Watercolor Group sponsored by the Goldenaires Senior Club of San Rafael and has been an active member since.

Gilda reflects on her art journey, “I am drawn to the ‘fluidity’ of the watercolor medium and take great joy in exploring its never-ending potential especially while painting plein aire (outdoors). I am most grateful for my community of artists who are kind, welcoming and generous in their support and encouragement in my art journey.”