Kathy Kormos, ‘Pt. Arena Lighthouse’

Kathy Kormos, ‘Shoreline’

Kathy Kormos

Kathy grew up in southern California, moving north to attend the University of California at Berkeley.  After college Kathy and her husband lived in Marin and Sonoma County while raising their two children.  She worked for the City of Novato Parks and Recreation Department for 25 years.  She began in 1992 as the first Director of the Margaret Todd Senior Center, and retired as the Department’s Operations Manager.  Her job entailed overseeing community partnerships, as well as staff and facilities that served pre-school through adult programming.  Kathy enjoyed painting and drawing as a child, but first began painting as an adult in 2020 during the covid shutdown.  Although it is humbling, she enjoys exploring the unique characteristics of watercolors. Kathy has lived in Petaluma since 1986.