‘Tahoe Blue’

‘Ravaging Beauty’

Linda Cederblom

I regard myself as a budding watercolorist, fascinated with this natural medium that captures the nuances of color and the softness and beauty of nature.

I grew up in Massachusetts, doodled throughout grade school, and in high school participated in everything from set design, to cartoons for the school paper, to drawing the Underworld in chalk for my English class. In college, I became an avid English major that led me to teach English in middle school and high school. A 7-week summer adventure in Europe seeing incomparable vistas and art treasures let me know art would always be a part of my life, how I was not sure.

Restless for new experiences, I did graduate work at the Library of Congress and delighted in the many museums and galleries in Washington, D.C. But the best was yet to come:  My marriage to my husband led me to the incredible vistas of California and to San Francisco where I worked for 41 years in the training field. My greatest joy was raising a family here and sharing my love of nature on our many camping trips. When I retired, it was another trip to Europe that opened my eyes to possibilities:  I would explore art for ME.

Hence, my journey into watercolor with all its subtleties. I am still exploring it and having the time of my life!