Golden Meadows

Glories in the Morning

Susan Mortensen

Sketching and painting outdoors and indoors is what I love to do. I’m happy to be able to share my love for the beauty of the moment and of life. Nature inspires me to paint landscapes, florals, still lifes and figures. Often I strengthen the value of the colors I see and I pay close attention to the effects of light on the subjects. California has so many beautiful flowers and water scenes, mountains and forests, and Hawaii, Florida, Wisconsin and many other locations provide rich material.

“There is a magic and certainly a spirituality that takes place in the process of creativity…”

As a child I was inspired by the art I saw to paint in watercolors, as a teen to do fashion sketches, and to pursue Art at UWM and UW-Waukesha. Now, I primarily focus on painting watercolors, and occasionally acrylics.

Painters I have studied with who influenced me the most are Stephanie Coupoulos-Selle, Nancy Newcomb, Fran Osborne, Susan Farmer-Tiefenthaler, and Tony Couch.