Hot Tin Roof


Tania Walters

I am a classical watercolor artist striving for technical excellence and formal beauty.  I intend to paint beauty in all its forms – simply doing the art that speaks to me and to my sense of what is unchanging, eternal, and universal.   Whether the subject is flowers, still life, portrait, or landscape – it is nearly always vibrant color that initially attracts me. My paintings are as rich and as dense and detailed as I can accomplish and are my best attempt to capture in time the joy and beauty of the moment.

I often work from a cropped photograph I have taken or from several photographs that I have combined to create a strong composition.  There is an urgency about capturing the thrill before it fades, the light changes or the petals drop. I take photos wherever I go – sometimes of objects and scenes that others would deem unremarkable.  Beauty is everywhere and I don’t want to miss an opportunity to translate a beautiful experience into a painting that can be shared with others.

I am now working in my home studio in Marin where beauty abounds. My husband of 50 years, my three daughters, four grandsons, and one granddaughter are often the subjects of my paintings these days. My best paintings seem to be the ones that are inspired by those I love the most.