Autumn Confetti

Lion Head

Michael Moyer

I’ve been painting since I was 14 years old, and I’ve always loved watercolor best.
The transparency, vibrant quality and unpredictability of the medium have always fascinated me. Lately I’ve been working with 300# paper, both hot and cold press, because the extra thickness produces more satisfying results and can take some abuse in case you need to “correct mistakes”.

I’ve taken workshop from some of my watercolor “heroes”, including Frank Webb, Judi Betts, Judy Morris, Ted Nuttall and Dale Laitinen, all of whom have somewhat different styles. They all do exciting and inspiring work.

I love painting in watercolor, especially with others, and paint whatever subject matter interests me, including landscapes and seascapes, people and animal portraits, still-life and buildings, especially older structures with a lot of character.