Garden’s Brightest Glories

Coleus Beauty

Tania Walters

Tania Walters is a watercolorist who paints to capture life’s colors and beauty of the moment. She uses photos as a reference since life does not stand still for long and the petals start to drop before she has captured all those details she loves to paint.

As a young adult, Tania was choosing between law school and art school. At the time she was afraid art school would require constant inspiration and wasn’t sure she could do that. So she ended up going to law school where she knew hard work was what would be required.

Years later she traded in hard work for the fun and excitement of creating beautiful watercolors. Now, everywhere she looks, there is more than enough inspiration to last a lifetime.

Please contact Tania with any questions at 415-713-6631 or visit her website at

You are also invited to visit her Gallery/Studio at the Novato Arts Center, 789 Hamilton Parkway, Studio H, Novato. There you will find original paintings, limited edition prints, cards and gifts. Tania also teaches private and semi-private watercolor classes.