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Las Gallinas Valley Wildlife Ponds

November 15, 2021

300 Smith Ranch Road San Rafael

Take the Lucas Valley and Smith Ranch Road exit off Highway 101.  Take Smith Ranch Road.  Smith Ranch Road heads east.  Continue on Smith Ranch Road until it crosses the railroad tracks of the Smart Train.  Take a left at the stop sign that is right before you get to the entrance of McInnis Park.  Follow the road until it ends at Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District.  Follow the little road on the left.  You will see a parking area on your left when you reach the end.  You will walk across the bridge.  Beautiful marsh areas with lots of birds to enjoy.  Bring binoculars!  Look at their website ( for a description of the various walking paths.  To find the map, go to Facilities, then Reclamation Area and Reclamation Walking Paths.

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